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Downbeat Magazine
Editors Pick of The Month

"Here we have the young and amazingly talented tenor saxophonist Jack Brandfield taking us on a swinging trio journey"

"Brandfield has a juicy, smooth tone on tenor. He knows how to coax just the right amount of purr from the horn"

Frank Alkyer, May 2021

Jazz Weekly

“A timeless treasure chest.”

"Relaxed and Casual swing is served up in a classy fashion by tenor saxist Jack Brandfield"

George Harris, March 29 2021

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The Sentinel

I’ll Never Be the Same is appropriately titled because the thrill, the warmth, the intelligence of the album is truly changing. Brandfield belies his young years by playing timeless classics with an old soul’s ear for reverence and great fun.

Travis Rogers, February 24 2021

“I’ll Never Be the Same is a pleasing elixir on the senses…A sense of love, joy, and tranquility radiates in every track.  Jack Brandfield, while still in his early twenties, has mastered the properties of cool jazz and bebop.  His music shows traits of traditional, modern, and improvised jazz."


Jazz2Love,  Susan Francis, Feb. 25, 2021

“The perfect soundtrack for nighttime escape... The album is so intimate you feel every pluck of the strings and every breath flowing through the sax…”  


JPs Music, James Pasinsky, March 4, 2021

“An impressive debut album.” 



Jersey Jazz, Joseph Lang, February 12, 2021


“Like those great legends who inspired him, JackBrandfield indeed sings through his horn, and thisalbum introduces us to a marvelous new tenor saxvoice that we look forward to hearing more from in thefuture.” 


Jazz Blues Magazine, Ron Weinstock, March 14, 2021